Slice for a Smile: Sharing the Spirit of Happiness across Trinidad & Tobago

Even though it was just a few months ago, last year seemed like only yesterday! That’s because it was indeed a time to remember, especially at Christmas time when Mario’s Pizzeria celebrated yet another successful year with the nation by sharing the Spirit of Happiness with the some of T&T’s  less fortunate children.

It was indeed a moment of great joy for us, as we partnered with you, our cherished customers to ‘give a Slice for their Smiles’ , by donating five dollars every time you purchased our Ultimate Deal, to Operation Smile, a Children’s Home dedicated to providing 39 kids with a haven of love, warmth, enlightenment, inspiration and all the basic needs that so many have been deprived of since birth. By giving to this worthy cause, we all became part of this wonderful Family that serves as a beacon of hope for these children, helping to foster a sense of achievement and independence in their lives from an early age.

Because of your efforts, we were also able to donate food, clothing and toys while also contributing to the building of a laundry area for the Operation Smile Home for Children in Williamsville, where the older ones can now take care of their own laundry, and learn other responsibilities that would help enhance the quality of their lives.

Apart from providing you with the best pizza in T&T and the Caribbean, delivering happiness and fulfilment to the lives of others, is one of the most satisfying and inspiring ingredients to our existence and success. The management of Mario’s would also like to especially express its heartfelt gratitude to all staff, for so generously giving of their time, effort and resources to make these children’s moments of happiness possible. Thank you!

Learn more about Operation Smile Home for Children: Download a PDF