Mario’s Pizza Games

To celebrate Mario’s National Pizza Day & our 40th Anniversary, we’re hosting our very own Pizza Games!

What are Pizza Games, you say? They’re a series of grueling endurance tests culled from popular party games, and from which ONLY 1 person can emerge victorious!


Players will receive prizes for each round they manage to survive! The last person standing wins a Nintendo Wii PLUS 2 games!


The Pizza Games will be held on Saturday 16th June at 12noon at our El Dorado Restaurant!





1st RoundPizza-eating Competition
Slowest team is knocked out.
5 teams of 4 eachMedium Cheese Pizza Voucher
2nd RoundCharades
Slowest team to get 4 clues is knocked out.
4 teams of 4 eachMedium 1-Topping Pizza Voucher
3rd RoundTrivial Pursuit
Each team member answers a question. Team with the most incorrect answers is knocked out.
3 teams of 4 eachFamily Cheese Pizza Voucher
4th RoundRelay Hopscotch
Each team member must take turns. Slowest team is knocked out.
2 teams of 4 eachFamily 1-Topping Pizza Voucher
5th RoundCantagious
A Minute to Win It game, stacking Coke cans.
4 individualsFamily Lime Voucher
Final RoundPlay Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics on Wii
Play Fencing, Rhythmic Ribbon & 100m Sprint
2 individualsUltimate Lime Voucher

Entry Form

The first 20 entries received will compete in the Pizza Games. An additional 5 entries will collected as reserves. Reserves will enter the competition ONLY if other entrants are absent.

Entries Closed