How to beat exam stress

Easier said than done right? Wrong. While the inherent nature of a test is anything but a walk in the park, it doesn’t have to mean pulling out your hair and weeks of sleepless nights. Exam stress can actually set you back instead of putting you on the road to success. While they may be less than conventional and definitely not all scientifically proven, we’ve come up with a few tips than will help you ace that next big exam.

Say “AHHHH!”

If you can without looking like a nut, then hey, scream, shout, vent at the top of your lungs! We don’t know if it’s scientifically proven to work, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a good old shout fest. If shouting isn’t your thing, tune in to a way you can release your stress in a fun, unconventional way. FYI, swings are great stress releasers.

Switch Personalities

Just like your “Miss Outgoing” takes over when headed to the club or on a date, you need the disciplined and studious you at least two weeks before test day. What does ‘model student’ you do? Set up a study timetable outlining set time periods for each subject. Find a study partner to bounce questions and answers with, and most importantly, stick to it!

Hit the Road

Literally, put your feet to the pavement. Take 10 deep breaths and stretch. Walk your stress away on a track or better yet, a stroll around your neighbourhood. Light exercising with added stretching will get extra oxygen flowing to your brain, keeping you alert and more retentive of the incoming information. Now that your body’s moving, and your brain is geared up to study, what you fuel them with can also make all the difference.

Brain Food

Stress can mess up your eating habits, making you miss meals leading to poor energy. You know that ‘beppy’ feeling you get right when you decide to start studying? Most likely you’re lacking proper nutrition and rest. Your day should consist of at least 3 balanced meals with 3 snacks in between. Stock up on fruits and drink lots of water to keep you refreshed and hydrated. If you’re on the go, Mario’s is the perfect place to study with free Wi-Fi and a piping hot slice when hunger kicks in.

Gold Star

You deserve one and so much more after weeks of preparation for the big exams. What do you want for all your hard work? A new pair of shoes? A day at the beach? Decide what you’d like as a reward for doing well and use it as motivation every time you feel a drop in energy during your studies. Hard work deserves big rewards so get started and stay focused!

Good luck in your exams! We do hope you’re stressing less and pumped up to achieve your desired goals. We do hope our tips work for you and if you’d like, comment below and tell us how you did on your latest test.