4 Ways to Help You Have A Merrier Christmas!

During the lead up to Christmas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the preparations that must be done in time for the holiday. Here are 4 ways to make getting ready easier and more economical.

Bake, don’t Buy!

Everyone’s trying to save money these days, and even more so at Christmas time. Gifts that you’ve made yourself are cheaper and mean more. Baked goods like Christmas cookies and brownies make a wonderful present for friends and family alike. It’s the thought that counts! Can’t spare the time to spend the day baking in the kitchen? Mario’s has a great selection of sweet treats on our dessert menu that will surely hit the spot!


It’s always good to keep a few extra packs of batteries around the house in case of power outages. At Christmas time, having spare batteries on hand for the kids’ electronic presents could mean the difference between happy memories and having to drive around looking for a store that’s open to buy some, so stock up!

Professional Power-washing services

While it may seem costly, the visual benefit on your home’s appearance is huge. One way to reduce the costs of these services is to talk to your neighbours and see if they’d also be interested in having their yard power washed. This will allow you to get a package deal and then everyone’s happy!

Stay Safe

Show family and friends how much you care by preparing sleeping arrangements in case they’ve enjoyed too much of your home-made Ponche de Crème! Have extra pillows, blankets and sheets on hand for impromptu overnight guests.