4 Time Saving Tips for Back-To-School

Who’s excited that the kids are headed back to school? Yes parents, we see you! Time to shake off those dusty brains and send your child geniuses up a class. If you’ve waited till the last minute, we understand the panic is kicking in but take a deep breath! We’ve done your homework for getting ready just in time for the new term.

1. Make a List

First things first: make a detailed list of what still needs to be done. Schoolbooks, supplies and uniforms are priority, with lunch kits and food for the first week a close second (yes, food, you’re going to thank us later!) Pro-tip: Don’t shop on the weekends. These will be the busiest days as the rush starts. Instead, fit each task into your lunch hour during the week. Try not to do too many tasks in one day as it will surely stress you out and limit how efficient you can be. Do be thorough. Place a (x) next to items that should be bought in multiples, like extra pencils and rulers.

2. Get a Hand

If you’re in a rush to the finish line, tasks like papering your children’s books or ordering uniforms can seem like a big hassle. It doesn’t have to be! Book covering services are now offered right here in T&T. A quick Facebook or Google search should bring up a few names. Look for tailors/seamstresses offering a 24-hr turnaround service and make sure you carry notions like thread, buttons and zippers. Ask your parent-friends who’ve prepared weeks ago for advice on which bookstores are stocked, the quickest tailor in town and other items on your list.

3. Involve the Kids

It’s a great idea to get your kids involved in back-to-school preparation, both as an ease to you and an indication to them that vacation time is ending. Even young kids can be asked to pack their school bags, while older kids can iron a week’s worth of uniforms with promises of Mario’s Pizza after. Save time with homework the first week by having your child read the first chapter of their new textbooks the weekend before school starts.

4. Food Prep

If you haven’t prepped your menus before, you’re going to be so glad you started. Make a menu for the first week of school meals. Aim for things that are both healthy and quick. Burgers, sandwiches and wraps with side salads are always great choices and can be ready in 10-15mins. Fruit bowls make great break-time snacks and can be prepared and chilled the night before. Another great idea is making a jug of fresh fruit juice and freezing for the week in reusable plastic bottles. That way, you save both time and money.

Use our tips to make it an easy and stress-free start to the new term. Happy 1st Day, everyone!