Water Woes

With the dry season in full swing and water outages being experienced throughout the country, we thought that it might be wise to take a look at ways that we can all conserve this precious resource so that it lasts.

Update Your Plumbing

Your home’s plumbing is your first line of defense in the war against water wastage. Older toilets use a staggering amount of water due to their inefficient design. You can reduce your toilet’s water usage by sinking a half gallon jug into the tank; this displaces some of the water held in the tank and causes it to use less per flush. Alternatively, you could change out your old toilet for a low flow model.

Older style shower heads are another water waster, they can use up to 19 litres of water per minute, if you can’t change your shower head, you may want to consider shortening the duration of your showers.

Find Alternative Sources

What little rain we do get should be collected, a barrel connected to your roof’s guttering system can be an additional source of water for things like watering your plants and grass. Ideally you would want to maximize the water that you can get from the rain so that every drop is put to good use. Even the leftover water from boiling pasta, etc. can be cooled and used for watering plants.

Avoid Unnecessary Usage

Make an effort to be more conscious of how long you have the tap running for, turn it off while brushing your teeth, washing hands, etc. Avoid using the hose to wash your car, instead fill a bucket and use sparingly, you’ll get the same result although it may take a bit longer. When washing clothes, be sure to only run the machine when you have a full load of clothes to wash and the extra rinse cycle whenever possible.