Surviving D’ Road

Carnival 2K14 is here and the months of preparation, saving and dieting are about to pay off in 2 days of musical bliss! For the uninitiated, we’ve got some helpful tips to help you have the time of your life on the road this Carnival.

Stay hydrated!

Heat stroke is no joke. This is a very real danger that masqueraders face under our tropical sun. Alcoholic beverages may dehydrate more than help so the better option is water or sports drinks containing electrolytes. Extra liquid intake can mean more trips to the toilet truck, but that’s a very minor inconvenience compared to a ride in an ambulance! Match each cup of “joy juice” with a bottle of water to ensure you’re properly hydrated. Doing this might even help your Ash Wednesday recovery!

Be vigilant

Unfortunately, the statistics show that carnival is a very busy time for criminals, so having a good level of situational awareness is important. There is safety in numbers, so never wander off alone, even if you’re going to the drinks truck. Employ the buddy system and occasionally do a head count of your crew to make sure you’re all accounted for.

Protect your feet

This cannot be overstated, wearing comfortable footwear is extremely important to keeping yourself in the game and on d road! Whether you’re wearing practical sneakers or rocking the freshest pair of mas boots, make sure your footwear fits well! Pro-tip: trim your toenails – the constant pressure and friction exerted on your toes from chippin along to the music can lead to pain, swelling, and even losing a nail or two. This preventative measure will help immensely.

Leave that smartphone home

Sure it’s nice to upload selfies to Facebook from on the road, but come Ash Wednesday, you’ll be in tears should your favourite gadget get lost or stolen on the road. Use a fete phone for the 2 days of Carnival.

Know your band’s route

You didn’t pay all that money to chase your band around town, but sometimes unavoidable circumstances occur that can make you late. Knowing your band’s route beforehand can allow you to find them quicker and ensure that you have more time to enjoy yourself.