Summer Fun!

August holidays are the things dreams are made of for schoolers, but to their parents, it’s a nightmare. Ensuring the kids are occupied, preferably in an educational way, can be a hair pulling time for parents who still have to reach to work for 8am when the kids don’t. Without a daily schedule or at least a plan, summer vacation can turn nerve racking for parents and miserable for kids. Luckily for you, recent postings on our Facebook wall for local summer camps got us thinking. So, here’s some ideas across the board and for any budget, that will have Moms, Dads and kiddies happy.

Form a ‘Summer Club’

Parents, when did having fun with the kids mean blowing up the bank card? Remember when sleepovers and camping in the backyard were fun? Form a summer club with the parents of your children’s friends and take turns having fun with the kids for a few hours a day. Colouring pages, riddles, trivia and fun outdoor activities can all be downloaded from the internet, but if you’ve got a ball and a bat handy, a daily game of cricket counts as summer fun too!

Teachers Wanted!

Can you do craft? Do you crochet, or bead, or create candles? This summer host your own ‘craft class’ for kids home from school! If you’re not hands-on but just as creative, children can benefit from your drama class. Maybe poetry? It could even be a basic art class. If you’ve got a skill that can benefit others, there’s probably some desperate-for-time parents who can use it!

Summer Camp

With the postings on our FB wall for summer camps we know they aren’t in short demand. If we asked which of our fans signed their kids up last year August to ensure the kids were in, half of our 70,000 strong on FB would ‘like’ this, but if you didn’t, don’t worry. Most churches host a summer camp for kids with a full day’s list of activities that are a grounded mix of education and fun. Many music schools and dance studios also host summer sessions, an uninterrupted 8 weeks for them to indulge in their hobbies while building character.

If your children aren’t of exam age, please, let them be kids and enjoy themselves.  Other kids in the neighbourhood will also be home from school, organise games for them to come out to play as the sun goes down. Summer time is spelt F-U-N, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime.

If your child has been begging to go summer camp since Christmas, check our Vacation Camp Directory for more.

Got Toddlers?

If your kiddies are still crawling they can still get in on the summer fun! Our Babygarten classes at our St. Augustine branch are engaging and educational lessons for babies and their parents. Learn how to communicate with your infants and gain the skills to help them as they go through their early development. For more information on Babygarten, click here: