Social Interaction among Peers

A lot has been written about how advancements in social media have changed the way we interact with friends and family. That we do most of our interacting digitally as opposed to face to face and whether this has affected the quality of our relationships with each other. An alternative viewpoint to this is that technology has been giving us exactly what we truly desire as humans. We naturally want to share our lives with each other, and in the last ten years, we’ve been able to do so in more and more ways.

We as a society are actually looking for technology that allows us to be the way we are naturally, almost all of the major breakthroughs in social media have been based on things that humans already love doing. Sharing pictures and stories of important life moments as well as more mundane daily experiences, hanging out with friends and even affecting political change have always been concepts that people have long embraced. Social media and the technology behind it has simply made it easier for us to achieve these things at a more efficient and wider reaching rate.

This evolution in social interaction has brought with it its own language in the form of acronyms and emoji’s, and while younger users may be more adept at internet-speak; even older generations like your mom or dad know the basics like “LOL” and “”.

The next 5 years will see major strides in the field of Virtual Reality, making it more accessible for the average person, this will be the next step in social interaction. As more and more people adopt the technology, the world will become even less borderless and friends on either side of the globe will be able to share experiences in the virtual world. You could possibly share a virtual slice of pizza with your friend Gino in Rome for lunch!