School Vacation Tips for Parents

The kids are grinning from ear to ear! Why? Two months of vacation is just around the corner! For parents, wondering what to do with restless kids for the next few weeks can be a bit of a challenge. Things may seem even more complicated in this information age as kids need more stimulation with ever shorter attention spans. Parents, no fear – it’s not as hard as you think! With a little creativity and re-working of the definition of “fun”, the kids are in for a memorable “August vacation”.

Camp Sign Up

Days packed with scheduled activities. Exercises to work both the body and the mind. Time spent outdoors and away from the computer with children their own age. Who doesn’t love camp? Many great ones spring up at the time of August vacations; ask parents with kids in your own child’s age group where they’re registered or check with your child’s school for recommendations. Sports camps are also great for your budding athlete and can give them the confidence to excel by getting the chance to play amongst their peers in a non-competitive arena.

 The Great Outdoors

Ok, this one may require that you’re a bit of an outdoorsman yourself or at least enthusiastic about spending a few hours in the sun. Show enthusiasm for the great outdoors with your children and sign the whole family up for weekend hiking trips. These are sure to become popular throughout the next few weeks. All you need is comfortable shoes, loose clothing (preferably cotton for quick drying) and a healthy but light meal. Exciting sites to be seen and unexpected adventures are guaranteed. Fresh air and exercise are also the benefits to this vacation activity.

 Get Crafty!

It’s the rage right now, everyone’s doing it! From DIY home improvement projects, to making your own jewellery, it seems everyone has developed an overnight knack for craft. Embrace the trend and sign your kid up for some handy-dandy talents that could become useful in the future. Crafting can even mean an income, given the right market. Foster your child’s innate ability to create and help them run with it. Who knows what could happen!

Summer School at Home

You’re dedicated to your child and you took all your vacation time just to be home when they are. It’s time to go the extra mile and do lessons at home with your kids, especially those that are sitting major exams in the coming term. Studies have shown that kids lose a lot of what they learnt in previous terms due to the extended time off, so keeping your child’s mind active will give him or her an advantage in the new school year. This means daily discipline, setting aside time each day for “school”. The difference is, it’s not school! To make it more attractive, turn lessons into games, awarding points and little treats for a job well done. Kids can even come in their pyjamas if they like and have their breakfast during English lessons.

After following all of our tips, you might be tempted to let them have a day off every once in a while…and you should! Stop by Mario’s Pizza for family time – you can even make it a weekend ritual!

Most important of all, make the most of this time together, and get out there and play!