School Vacation is Here!

It’s August Vacation Time!

Another school term is about to come to an end and the kids are headed home for two months of vacation.  Instead of assigning posts in front of the TV or computer for the next 8 weeks, plan some fun, retro “summer” activities that you talked about doing when you were their age.

Go in de Bush

Take the kids for an island hike up in the Northern Range over the weekend.  Go to a mango grove to pick some fruit, or climb a chennette tree.  Remember when August vacation was about the adventures you had? Show them that having fun could be as simple as taking a walk outside.

Bathe in the rain

One great thing about the rainy season is a hard rainfall in the middle of the day, luckily followed by a burst of hot Caribbean sun.  In a t-shirt and short pants, everybody should take at least one good rain bath before August vacation is out.  Teach the kids to relieve stress by jumping in puddle or two!

Play games

Whether small goal or cricket, organise neighbourhood teams for your kids to be a part of.  Ask neighbours to provide some refreshments and make it a “blocko” event in the evenings.  It may or may not continue after school re-starts, but the August of 2012 will make great memories for your kids to re-live.

Take a drive

With no planned destination in mind, surprise the kids with a drive after work or one day of the week, every week for the August vacation.  End up at a favourite eatery, like Mario’s for a Family Lime or at the closest sightseeing location, like San Fernando Hill or Queen’s Park Savannah. Why not drop by your nearest Mario’s location, and make a picnic out of it? Load up on a Family Specialty pizza and eat outside!

Most importantly, spend time with your kids during this monumental time of their lives, the schooldays.  Good luck to all the kids in end-of-term exams and happy holidays!