Say, Hello 2013!

On December 31st at midnight, the world counted down the last 10 seconds of 2012 and welcomed 2013. Are you ready to face another year?

If the New Year looks like a blank canvas and you’re not sure where to start, we’ve collected some great New Year ideas that may even become your own personal traditions.

Become a Master

Everyone has a special skill or talent but most of us are just “good” or “good enough”. In 2013, decide it’s time you become really good at something. Allocate time out of your week to practise that skill, whether it’s as simple as making a soufflé or something a little harder, like going back to school for that Master’s degree.


Go Vegan for 30 Days

This one might be easy for some, not so easy for others. Go cold turkey (no pun intended!) and eliminate animal products from your diet for 30 days. Keep a food journal, jotting down the differences in your body and your attitude as your body cleanses itself on vegetables and fruits. Studies show that natural cleanses such as a vegan diet can keep chronic diseases at bay and prolong life in the long run.


Organise your Life

You may be a neat person, but are you organised? If you don’t have all your bills, pay slips and receipts in one quick and accessible place, it may be time to start. With a full year ahead of you, up the ante and keep a record book of your salary and your expenses and take account every 3 months to see where you can save money and spend wisely in other places. How can 2013 be different? Well you can be richer!


Be a better…

Daughter, sister, wife (son, brother, husband) – make a list of the relationships you’d like to improve on and get started in making strides to improve those relationships. Be a better child to your parents by offering to do chores around the house, even if you don’t live there anymore. A better sibling? Sit down and listen to your brothers and sisters, especially if they’re younger than you and offer advice if asked. A better spouse? Be more considerate to your better half, listening to his/her needs and making the effort to be more romantic, outgoing or whatever else it may be that they keep bringing up. Improving the relationships with those closest to you can make 2013 your best year ever.


Explore the world

Or maybe just your neighbourhood! Do you know what’s at the end of your street? How many useful businesses are in your area and do you know their owners? Build relationships with those around you so you can build on your life experiences. You never know who you will meet and how they will enhance your year, so get out there!