Playing our part in your Happiness

At Mario’s we believe in the power of happiness as an essential ingredient to creating the experience enjoyed by thousands of pizza lovers and families across Trinidad & Tobago. That’s why we’re serious about providing quality fun and entertainment at our branches, upgrading all our play-areas at our various locations throughout the country.

While we have built and maintained our reputation as the nation’s number one pizza over the years, our play-areas have also gained overwhelming popularity as venues for children’s parties, birthdays, family outings and other special events such as our National Pizza Day, involving clowns, face-painting, and interactive games for the young and young at heart.

That’s because we have invested a great deal of our energies, time and resources to ensure that each of these venues is constructed with state-of-the-art, premium quality and ergonomically tested materials, while being spatially and aesthetically designed to provide the safest, most enjoyable and memorable experience for children and their families.

It’s important to us that we allow our customers to share in the benefits of their patronage to us over the years, by creating such a quality environment where they and their children can feel at home with us. Also at the heart of what we’ve done, is our desire to inspire an atmosphere that nurtures healthy physical activity for children of all ages, while satisfying their appetite for social interaction that is so invaluable during those precious early years of their growth.

Now that we’ve refurbished our six play areas in Mid Centre Mall in Chaguanas, Marabella, Montrose, St Augustine, El Dorado and Valpark, our customers can be guaranteed even more fulfilling and exciting adventures with their families, while enjoying the renowned goodness of a Mario’s Pizza. Book your children’s birthday parties or any other special occasion for them at any of these locations now!

Log on to to find out more, and give your child a slice of happiness today.