Opening Statement

To our valued customers,

It is our utmost pleasure to reopen our doors to you. Whilst this has been a trying time for us all, we are deeply grateful for the progress we have made as a country to combat the Coronavirus.

As we return to business, we urge you to continue to practice all precautions to limit the spread of Covid 19. We value each and every one of you and have taken stringent measures within our establishment to protect our staff and our customers. We gently ask that you abide to the following when visiting our restaurants:

  1. Customers must wear masks to enter.
  2. Please wash hands and sanitize upon entry.
  3. Observe the social distancing markers on the floor of the restaurant.
  4. Maximum of 5 customers should be in our restaurant at any given point.
  5. Customers awaiting entry are asked to observe social distancing.
  6. Call ahead and order pick up or curbside.
  7. Make use of our delivery service where possible.

We would again like to take the opportunity to thank all the frontliners and essential workers who worked tirelessly and unselfishly through this pandemic. Finally, a very heartfelt thank you to our Mario’s family, who continues to not only work together, but also take care of each other.

Once again – Mario’s doors are open and we can’t wait to serve you!