Need to Raise Money? Host a ‘Pizzaque’!

At Marios we believe it’s part of our corporate responsibility to extending a helping hand to charitable organizations and NGO’s requesting assistance.We created our ‘Pizzaque’ as a fundraising opportunity for those organizations that need cash donations and are stumped for ideas.Only the neediest of cases are granted approval to host a Pizzaque, which can be for medical expenses, school projects, charitable organizations and churches.

How Does it Work?

Tickets for the ‘Pizzaque’ are sold to the organization, who in turn can sell them for $25.  The charity will earn $5 from every ticket sold that is redeemed in a Marios, but  can earn the full $25 if the ticket is bought but never used.

Tickets are good for a Mini One Topping Pizza of your choice, and a 16oz Coca Cola.

With a run of an agreed 1000 tickets, the organization has the potential of earning $5,000 and is saved some of the stress that comes with organizing a big fundraiser.

Many organizations have hosted their own Pizzaque, so if you’ve got a need, we’ve got the answer! Contact us at, and give us some details on how we can lend a hand.