Mario’s Guide to the Perfect Summer

Signs the August Vacation has reached T&T- the perfect summer song, blazing hot sun and long days soon to be filled with stories to re-tell at school.  To make the 2011 vacation one for the record books, Mario’s has stepped in with its guide to the perfect summer.

Say the Magic Word!

You and your friends have got to say, “Abracadabra!” to make your weekends great.   Magically your Sundays have been transformed from boring to realms of fun, with our magician performing magic tricks you wouldn’t even believe with your own two eyes.  While Mom and Dad gets the pizza, you and your friends can try to figure out how Dr. Abracadabra pulls money from out of the air and makes the craziest things disappear.  After the show, get your face-painted or take pictures with Mario himself. If your friends at school won’t believe how much fun you had at Mario’s over the summer, you’ll have pictures to prove it!

Happy Pizza Party to You!

Make a wish because your perfect summer continues with a birthday party at Mario’s!  Celebrate big with a pizza party for all your friends.  Whether it’s 10 of your ‘besties’ or your entire class of 30, we’ve got a party pack for you! You get Arcade Tokens, Pizza, Soft Drinks, Party Bags and what’s a party without cake and ice-cream? Choose a theme and Party Pizzazz can outfit your party with decorations of your choice, from Hannah Montana to Smurfs.  Want more?  Clowns, face-painting, our entire playground and more, can all be yours on your special day.

School’s Out, Rock On!

Frontman of local rock legends “Orange Sky”, Nigel Rojas, wraps up another semester at his annual ‘School of Rock’ with a huge concert headlined by all its graduates on August 20th.  We’re talking about a concert stage with promising young performers, rocking hard cover songs and original compositions they created on bass, guitar and drums while at the school.  It will be the concert of the summer, so come rock out to the new generation of local rock heroes, as the end to your perfect summer!