Make Going Back to School Fun

If school is still new to your child, a new school can be the furthest thing from fun. It can mean an early morning of waking up your young one, getting them dressed and fed while half asleep, and coaxing them to go with “Miss” with tears in both your eyes. Even as children get older, the start of a new term after months on vacation can be tumultuous. Having to find an after-school routine that balances play time and schoolwork after a full work day, can be frustrating for parents like yourself.

Here are a few tips to smooth out the transition and get your child started at school with a running start:

  1. Start with morning “me” time – when you wake your kids up in the morning and they’re grouchy, let them lie down for 10 minutes. Invite them to say a prayer or play soft music to get them in a calm state of mind. Starting their day with a clear head will help them focus better in the classroom.
  2. Travel with a friend – ask your child if there are others from their neighbourhood travelling the same route to school and make arrangements with their parents for them to meet in the morning and walk home together after school.
  3. Drop in – unexpectedly stop by your child’s school at official break times to say “hi” or drop off a healthy snack, like a Mario’s fruit bowl! It’ll make their day and ensure them that they’re in a parent-friendly environment.
  4. Stock up on school supplies – when school starts, so does the busy schedule. There will be extra-curricular activities, lessons and full days of classes. Help your kids pack their bags for school the night before and replace any old and broken stationery as a reward for encouraging comments from their teachers. Encourage their artistic expression with age appropriate activities and colouring books.
  5. Make a Time Schedule – sit down with your kids during the first week of school and outline the after-school time divided among play activities, chores and study time. Make it big and put it in a prominent place like the kitchen, so while they’re “cooling off” they can know what’s next. Kids crave order and outlining the times they have for fun will also make it easier to reason with them, when it’s time for them to sit down and study.