Love is in the Air

It’s that time of year again, a holiday both loved and loathed by people all over the world. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, we’re sure that these tips will entertain you. Valentine’s Day can be very clichéd and expensive, so we’ve provided some original and economical advice for all the Romeos and Juliettes out there.

Kick it Old School

Remember back in the day when you made plans to meet your schoolgirl or schoolboy crush at the nearest Mario’s? Nervously waiting for them to arrive, and then making your way to the back of the restaurant where you could share a slice together, hoping against hope that cheese wouldn’t fall on your uniform? This Valentine’s Day, simplify your date night and head back to the Mario’s Pizza nearest you, and take that trip down memory lane together with your love, over a piping hot slice.

Date Yourself!

For the single folks out there, Valentine’s Day, also known as Single Awareness Day, can be a dreaded reminder of their relationship status, but that doesn’t have to get you down! As the saying goes, one must love oneself before one can love another, and what better way to that than by taking the day to pamper yourself? Treat yourself to a spa day or get a massage. Make yourself feel special because you deserve it! At night, you could even have a lime with your other single friends and share a pizza from Mario’s!

Do a Group Date

For those who are paired up, it certainly is romantic getting together with just your significant other for a nice dinner. On the other hand, having other couples around to talk to and share experiences with can make for a more memorable occasion. Share a pie at your favourite Mario’s with another couple or two and after dinner, you can always go home together for some quality time and dessert!

Try saying “I Love You” in a different language

Express your love to your significant other in a different language than your native tongue. While many choose French as it is the language of love, try to be more original and learn a few phrases in a few other languages, like Portuguese or Italian. Your significant other will surely appreciate the effort it took to learn them!

Make a Valentine’s Present

Forget overpriced roses and chocolate hearts. Drive right past those sheds on the side of the highway selling dusty teddy bears and artificial flowers. Remember those Valentine’s Day cards you made in primary school? Think of how much better you are at arts and crafts now! You could totally make something even more awesome for that special someone, and they’ll definitely appreciate it more knowing that you made it yourself. Accompanied by their favourite pizza, you’ve got a recipe for a piping hot Valentine’s night!