Likes for Smiles

Christmas is around the corner and while houses are being primmed, fridges are being stocked and families are booking tickets to fly in, let us not forget that there are many who won’t be so fortunate to enjoy the season.

We’ve joined Operation Smile, a mission run by a dedicated pastor and his wife, who have opened a home for abandoned, abused and impoverished children. Currently, they house and care for over 40 children and their goal is to open a facility to care for infants (two and under).

How can you help? We’ve made it easy for our loyal fans to lend a helping hand to ‘Operation Smile’ by donating Likes to our Facebook page!

This year we’re asking our fans to join us in the Christmas spirit by inviting their friends and family to join our Mario’s Pizza Facebook page. Spread the word to your loved ones and Like us for a worthy cause! For every new Like we receive between 1st December to 31st December, we will match with a cash donation to Operation Smile. Get the word out and let’s get those Likes!

Slice for a Smile

Want to help at the counter? – “Slice for a Smile” Want to help but you’re not near Facebook? For every purchase of an Ultimate Deal, Mario’s will donate $5 to another of our beloved charities, the Cyril Ross Home.

Christmas is a time to come together to celebrate man’s goodwill towards one another. Take this moment to share your goodwill for the season!