Letting go – 5 Tips for Choosing a Daycare/Babysitter for your precious ones

As a parent it can be downright terrifying to leave your children in the care of a stranger, and while grandparents and other relatives can be a Godsend; this is not always an option, due to distance and other factors.

In these tough economic times, less women are opting to take the stay-at-home mom route and dual incomes are more important than ever.
One can become so paranoid when trying to find the right caretaker for your children, but it needn’t be as painful as you think!

  1. Referrals – talk to your neighbors, friends and co-workers, see where they send their kids to, are they comfortable with the people running the daycare?
  2. Interview – Speak with any potential caretakers/babysitters with your children present, see how they interact with your kids
  3. References – Can they provide any references from previous and more importantly, current clients?
  4. Visit the daycare location – if possible speak to the kids there and try to get a feel for how the children are treated.
  5. Trust your instincts – if the daycare seems too crowded, and/or the price is too good to be true, it usually means that the children aren’t getting the level of care they need.