Learning about Parang

Did you know that parang is sung at both Easter AND Christmas?

If you didn’t then perhaps you should catch us on our Parang Education School Tour next year!

For the second consecutive year, we teamed up with the young and vibrant parang band La Nueva Experiencia to bring some Christmas Cheer to children across the country!


Our school tours helped make learning about the origins and traditions surrounding our local ‘Parang’ even more fun! The interactive sessions recounted the customs of ‘ole time’ house to house parang and explained the types of Parang sung at Christmas Time: from the Serenal to the Despedida.


At the end of each tour, the kids were singing along to the lyrics in Spanish, showing off their new parang dance moves and recognizing all the musical instruments by their correct name! Nothing could compare to the sight of these children learning about our culture through an enjoyable experience. The fun didn’t stop there, however: teachers, parents and even Mr. Mario couldn’t help but get on their feet!



We hope to continue this endeavor next year, as there’s no better way to keep our rich traditions alive than by educating our young ones! Who knows, maybe we may visit your child’s school in December 2020!  Stay tuned to find out!