Knights of the Round Pizza Winners!

We called, and boy, did you guys answer! Our social network peeps really stepped up to our Knights of the Round Pizza competition. For the “Are You Worthy” email access phrase challenge, we got an onslaught of emails from our subscribers at such lightning speeds it was hard to keep up! Our Facebook peeps had the entire Mario’s team cracking up with their hilarious “What Sayest Thou” photo captions, and also took the lead with the most entrants.

Last Saturday, we hosted our “Taste and Tweet” event, but thanks to Mother Nature only one plucky Tweep made it. Ultimately, we invited guests at the El Dorado branch to sample the mozzarella pizzas and tweet their thoughts!

To ensure we had 12 participants on National Pizza Day, we allowed three extra FB fans to participate in the Knights of the Round Pizza challenge.

All of you are royal in our eyes, but ultimately, there can only be one King and one Queen! With no further suspense, here is the list of competitors eligible to vie for the crown this Saturday!

“Are YOU Worthy?” Email winners

  • Danielle Haynes
  • Camile Joseph
  • Latoya Webster
  • Shelly-Ann Mohammed

“What Sayest Thou?” Facebook Winners

  • Mikhail Morton
  • Aaron Mark Alleyne
  • Brandon Serrao
  • Stevo Jones
  • Jason Andre Wickham
  • Avonelle Thompson
  • Keisha-Ann Alleyne

“Taste and Tweet” Twitter Event:

  • ThaOno1 aka Oliver
  • BionicV3 {reserve}
  • muncin {reserve}

To our participants, if you haven’t done so already, email us at with your phone number to confirm your acceptance!

To our entire social network, come on down to the Mario’s El Dorado branch on June 11th! Check out the numerous activities and cheer for your favourite social network competitors! Bring your friends and family and take advantage of the pizza specials in honour of National Pizza Day!