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Click 'Spin a Slice' to Begin!


Game Instructions


Spin a Slice to help Mario create and collect pizza slices. But be warned, danger lurks! Crime boss, Capo Gavino, is trying to move in on Mario's Pizza business by stealing pizzas. He'll steal your slices!

Spin the slot reels to collect as many slices as possible and keep Mario in business!

You have 10 chances to collect as many slices as possible. You collect slices by lining up matching toppings! Play as many times as you like!

Pizza Toppings

Mario's Logo

Earning Slices

Spin the wheel to collect slices by matching up your toppings!

2 Matching Toppings in a Row 2 Slices
3 Matching Toppings in a Row 4 Slices
Mario's Specialty Pizza* 8 Slices
3 Mario's Pizza Logos in a Row 8 slices

*Meatzza = Pepperoni, Salami & Ham
*Spicy Pizza = Chicken, Pineapple & JalapeƱos
*Veggie Deluxe = Pineapple, Tomatoes & Green Peppers


Losing Slices

Capo Gavino

It's not all fun and games, players! Watch out for the Capo Gavino, he will steal your slices!

2 Capos in a Row Lose Slices from 2 Spins
3 Capos in a Row Lose ALL Slices from ALL previous Spins

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