Kiddies and Carnival

Pace! Pump! Palance! Carnival is here again!

Can you feel the excitement and electricity in the air? Did you party all weekend and limp to work on Monday morning? Yup, it’s definitely Carnival again!

As hardworking and exhausted as we are throughout the year, it can feel like Carnival time is a green card to “free up”, let our hair down and have a little extra fun for ourselves. But what about the kids? Very often they can feel left out of the festivities because they can’t take part in “grown-up” fun.  Remember watching your parents get ready for a fete, then promptly getting chased into bed?

We’ve come up with three ways that can bring you together with your kids this season, and help you start new Carnival traditions in your family!

Bring back the ole time days

If your child’s school is producing an “ole mas” band this year, volunteer to be a part of it. Offer to help make costumes, be a section leader or even come up with designs. You can have fun while tapping into your creativity, and spend quality time with your child as you work together to glue gems and feathers on your very own handmade costume.

Explore our roots

Take the whole family to the museum! There are many Carnival-related displays at this time of year that explore the beginnings of Carnival. Take this as a special learning opportunity for you and your kiddies as you explore the historical background of Carnival and learn more about its evolution over the centuries.

Take the kids to work

The creativity and sophistication of children’s mas designs have increased phenomenally over the years. Take a weekend and visit as many of these mas camps as you can. Expose your child to the beauty and unlimited imagination that can be found in Rosalind Gabriel’s designs. Visit Gerard Kelly’s mas camp where you can learn more about the themes and ideas that inspire his costumes.  While you’re there, you might even want to sign up your young one to play!

There are many ways to make this season family-friendly, these are just our favourite ideas. Let us know how you plan to spend time with your own kids this Carnival in the comments!