How to have a Green Christmas!

Celebrating the Christmas doesn’t have to adversely impact the planet. With a little creativity, we can minimize our environmental impact this holiday season. Here are some ideas we’ve curated that’ll help you have a Merry Christmas while caring for the environment.

Reduce Spending
It’s entirely possible to show our loved ones how much we care without buying shiny new gifts from the store. Try making some of your gifts this year, homemade gifts will mean even more to them as they’re made with love. You can also reduce the number of gifts that you need to purchase or make by creating a “Secret Santa” type gift exchange among your family or friends.

Carpool when possible
Driving to do your Christmas shopping or visiting family can take a long time due to the increased traffic on the roads. Why not do it as a big group and save on emissions, not to mention it’ll be easier to find parking. Can you imagine if everyone did this? The mall would be a breeze to get in and out of!

Give battery-free gifts
Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard, and with 40% of all battery sales occurring during the holiday season, this is a good opportunity to curb our environmental impact. There are many fun gifts that don’t require batteries; sporting equipment comes to mind. These type of gifts will provide hours of clean fun without damaging the environment.

Give locally made gifts
Gifts imported from halfway around the world contribute to carbon emissions and global warming due to the transportation involved in bringing them to you. Instead, give gifts that were made locally as these will have the lowest environmental impact. Locally made gifts made of recycled materials are even better; plus personalized gifts like reusable water bottles and tumblers are a great way to reduce our dependence on disposable water bottles.

Re-gifting is Ok
Keeping a gift that you really do not need is wasteful. It’s better to give it to someone that would really appreciate and use it. This should be done carefully so as not to offend the original gift giver.