Have Fun to Live Longer

We’ve all heard the saying, “stress kills”. How much time do we spend trying to reversing the deadly effects of everyday stress by just having fun? Yes, there’s exercise, and while it has undeniable health benefits, for many it’s just not a fun activity. Kids are great examples of fun lovers. Ready to start it anywhere and anytime, with loads of imagination, they can make fun out of anything. We dedicate most of our precious time to work or school, and relegate the weekends to doing nothing, so it’s no wonder hypertension and heart disease are the leading causes of death worldwide.

Relaxation of the body helps to unwind the harmful effects of stress on the mind, a release of tension that should occur at some point of your waking day. Find a funny video on YouTube to make you chuckle or call a friend to meet you for lunch, preferably outside where you can also soak up some healthy vitamin D-producing rays (wear sunscreen to protect you from damaging UV rays). The true virtue of having fun should cost very little but reap big rewards for your overall well-being.

Studies show that persons who did at least 10 different leisure activities a week had lower blood pressure, a slimmer waist, a smaller body mass index, and lower levels of the health-damaging stress hormone cortisol than the test group that did not have fun on a regular basis. You just got a reason to take that tennis lesson you always wanted or meet friends to shoot pool during the work week!

Being a parent might lessen your chances at spontaneous leisure time but then again, it’s all about perspective. Watch your kids have fun and join in! Raining outside? Encourage them to get into swim gear and take a splash outdoors. On sunny days swing a racket, or a cricket bat or kick a ball. Invest in new board games, buy the latest movies or pick up a new hobby, keeping your new partners in fun in mind. Occasionally treat them to T&T’s #1 pizza where our play parks are an added perk. Bring them to Mid Centre Mall in Chaguanas, Marabella, Montrose, St. Augustine, El Dorado or our Valpark branch to play at our recently refurbished facilities. The kids will appreciate your time and you’ll feel stress free, enjoying life on their level – pure, innocent, worry-free fun.

Once you start truly enjoying yourself, invitations to have more fun will emerge. Your friends and colleagues will notice your random chuckles as memories of your last “shenanigans” surface. That extra pep in your step will be a clear giveaway you’re doing something differently. You’ll probably get sick less often and if you make having fun a daily part of your life, your body and overall appearance will become healthier. Now, who wouldn’t want that?