Fun for So in Grande!

Earlier this month we visited the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation’s ‘Day of Fun for Special Needs Children’, an event geared towards raising awareness for special needs children in the area while advocating for the creation of a special needs school in the Sangre Grande Region. It is believed that the addition of a school in the area will enable these special children to become productive members of society.

Mario himself was on hand to play with kiddies and what a day he had, participating in several fun activities and games, he even had the honuor of meeting Councillor Martin Terry Rondon, Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Alderman Daneille Marshall-Piper, and council members Elizabeth Wharton and Stacy Ramroop.

The youngsters for their part had a wonderful time with all the bouncy castles and  other attractions, and of course we brought their favorite pizza and giveaways, which turned out to be a huge hit!

We’re humbled and honored to have been a part of it and we hope that the event has brought the special needs children of Sangre Grande, one step closer to receiving a school for their district.