February is the New January

Hey you! 2013 is still fresh and new and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your hopes and goals for the New Year, take account of areas that may need improving and jump start again. If you’re observing Lent, you’re in the perfect frame of mind to let go of bad habits and welcome in a new and improved you. While the task may seem daunting, the following tips will not only get you re-energised but help you stick to your new, New Year’s resolutions.

 Write it Down

Sounds simple right? Well, it is! Take an hour (or more if needed) and make a re-resolutions list. However, don’t do it in a private journal or on a piece of paper that might easily be misplaced. Make a fun, loud, colourful list on a piece of Bristol board and hang in a visible place that you’re sure to see first thing every day.

Read it Out Loud

Each and every morning, read your list out loud to yourself. Envision yourself accomplishing each goal and how such an accomplishment would make you feel. Do this for at least one month so it eventually becomes part of your daily routine. Now, go out there and start doing!

Make it Fun

Weight loss is #1 on most people’s resolution list but that doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym every day. Make it fun! One day, try roller skating or Zumba. The next, replace your normal meals with some interesting juicing recipes you’ve always wanted to try. Switch it up and it’ll make your resolutions more of a lifestyle change and less of a task.

Measure your progress

Are you stronger? More fit? Measure your success with activities that test how far you’ve come. Sign up for that aerobics marathon or go hiking over the weekend. When you finish that hike, or last an hour longer during that marathon than you thought you would, it will give you a true idea of how far you’ve come and the much needed encouragement to keep going.

Share your milestones

Switch your status updates on your social media feed from random musings to exciting progress reports. As you progress with your goals, your friends will cheer you on, you’ll receive welcomed advice and you might even inspire someone to make a much needed change in their own life. When you’re feeling a little down or you’re tempted to quit, your cheering squad will give you the encouragement to keep going.

Celebrate your success

Each and every month that passes, find a way to celebrate your successful progress toward your goal. If it’s a weight goal, buy that outfit in your desired size. A new hobby? Go, do, make something to mark your growth!

It’s an exciting time as you’re slowly but surely growing into a better person than you were before. Celebrate it!