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Loving Lent – Why Sacrifice Doesn’t Suck

From Ash Wednesday, over 60% of our nation will observe the Lenten fasting period.  Traditionally, the theme of self-denial manifests in abstaining from meat and animal products and fasting is central to this change in diet. If you’re a Christian, following your fast will be a dutiful observance with understood spiritual rewards, but even if […]

Safe Cellphone Use & Your Kids

The cellphone was once an expensive and convenient communication device but now they’re cheap, with countless models and everyone wants one…including your child. But do they really need one? Things may have changed since you were a child yourself, but finding a way to relay important messages has never been impossible. Inappropriate use of cellphones […]

Vacation Camp Directory

Ensure the kids are kept occupied, during the upcoming July-August Vacation by enrolling them in a Vacation Camp. We’ve partnered with some of T&T’s favourite parenting groups to keep the kids happy. Macaroni Kid Vacation Camp Directory Try the original comprehensive and extensive Macaroni Kid Trinidad Vacation Camp Directory. Trini Moms Still looking for more, […]

Summer Fun!

August holidays are the things dreams are made of for schoolers, but to their parents, it’s a nightmare. Ensuring the kids are occupied, preferably in an educational way, can be a hair pulling time for parents who still have to reach to work for 8am when the kids don’t. Without a daily schedule or at […]