Paul Breaks Away!

Mario’s is proud to have the honour of being able to work with cycling prodigy, Nicholas Paul. Nicholas is the 2016 Junior PanAm Champion, current PanAm 2nd Place Team Sprint holder, current T&T Team Sprint Champion and ranked 37th in World Team Sprint standings. We recently contributed $20,000 towards his training and competition preparation for

Tis the Season for Giving

For our annual Christmas charity drive, Mario’s restaurant staff mobilizes to donate to a home in their surrounding area. This donation takes the form of food items, toiletries as well as a Christmas party for the children. This year we have identified St. Dominic’s Children’s Home, Ezekiel Children’s Home, St. Mary’s Children’s Home and House

Mario’s Parang Deliveries

An annual favourite, our Christmas Parang Deliveries have begun and they’re nothing short of spectacular! We’ve paranged random customers’ homes that ordered delivery from our San Juan, El Dorado and Marabella branches. We also paranged 5 schools throughout Trinidad and then ending with a bang for the Office Parang Party at Trinidad Import and Export

The Mario’s Team takes the weight loss challenge!

We’re currently in the 2nd leg of our internal weight loss competition. It started Mid October and will end in January (90 days). Throughout the three months, we’ll be organizing visits to our restaurants with health care professionals, periodically checking weight, measurements and blood pressure. We will also be scheduling exercise activities within each cluster

Hurricane Relief

In the aftermath of hurricane Irma, residents of neighbouring Caribbean islands are left picking up the pieces. Mario’s is committed to helping them rebuild their lives and their communities. The staff and management at Mario’s has donated to the humanitarian relief effort and has sent 1,872 cases of Blue Waters bottled water to those in

Mario’s Experiences the Joy of Giving

We recently partnered with the Joy of Giving group, a multi-denominational group that dedicated their time and resources every evening to cook nutritious meals and distribute to the homeless of the city of Port of Spain, however they are also affiliated with groups operating in Chaguanas and San Fernando. On the day we joined them,

Mario’s Pizza Pledge Update

The Mario’s Pizza Pledge continues to assist deserving charitable causes in our local community. Through December’s Pizza Pledge initiative, Mario’s raised $16,000 for the Couva Children’s Home & Crisis Nursery and matched this amount for a grand total of $32,000. This month we presented the donation to the home. We met up with a representative

Annual Pizza Pledge

As part of our annual Pizza Pledge, Mario’s selected the Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery as the recipient of our Christmas Charity drive. Our customers’ donated a total of $16,000 which we matched, contributing a total of $32,000 to the institution. Mrs. Beverley John, Chairman of the Home expressed her gratitude for the assistance

Bringing the Gift of Mario’s Home

For Christmas 2016, Mario’s selected 5 homes across the country to share some Christmas cheer with. Each was selected by an internal Mario’s cluster and visited by Mario himself as well as our promo team and the respective area managers accompanied by restaurant managers and staff to distribute christmas gifts, toiletries and food items. Residents

Cedar Hill and Sangre Grande Ram Leela 2016

This year, in celebration of Divali, Mario’s was honored to be a supporter of the Ram Leela productions in Sangre Grande and Cedar Hill, Trinidad and Tobago’s longest running re-enactment of the life story of Lord Rama of the Ramayana, since its first production in 1881. As a longtime patron of local culture, Mario’s was