Back-to-School Basics

Kids, had a great August vacation? Parents, ready for them to head back to school? It’s a fresh new school year ahead of us and we thought we’d step in with a few tips to make the transition from “summer break” to school work a breeze.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It’s been two months of extended sleep times with the kids watching movies or playing on Facebook, but now it’s time to get them back on a regular schedule. Reinforce good health and optimum energy in the morning with a full 8 hours of sleep and a school time schedule of sleeping and rising.

Iron out the Kinks

Morning prep for school takes a lot of time, depending on how many kids you need to get ready. Drop new uniforms off for steam pressing early o’clock or do your own with a damp cloth and a good iron. Get the bigger kids in the habit of ironing their uniforms on Sunday evening to minimise last-minute Monday morning headaches.

Morning Meals

Breakfast is so important as your child heads to school for a full day of work and play. Help them maintain optimum concentration and energy levels with a balanced breakfast. That includes a recommended 3 servings of fruit! Our fruit bowls have natural vitamins and minerals that are great for their daily overall health. They are definitely a better alternative to those packaged ‘snacks’ full of artificial colouring and empty calories!

So, while they finish shaking the sand out their hair, it’s your job to get your kids ready for school.  With a little pre-school prep and helping hands, you’ll be calm and prepared to drop them off and they’ll be excited and ready to start a new term!