A message from our Managing Director

Dear Customers,

Our thoughts are with those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Trinidad & Tobago, across the region and globally.

As the impact of this unprecedented situation grows, we would like to update you on steps that we have been taking to keep our Associates and Customers safe.

At Mario’s, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our Customers and our family of Associates, many of whom have been with us for a long time.

Given the current dangers and threat to life, we are operating with a heightened sense of urgency and emphasis on cleanliness and good health practices, including:

  • Ensuring that hand washing practices are rigorously followed
  • Frequently sanitising critical high touch areas
  • Stressing the importance of Associates and Customers staying apart (social distancing)

To keep our Store Associates safe, we have transitioned our dining room and walk-in restaurants to curb side pickup and delivery service.

Every day, we hold ourselves to high cleanliness and health standards that are designed to maintain a safe and healthy environment at every touch point, including our restaurants, curb side and delivery. In addition, we monitor developments closely and keep informed of recommendations from the Ministry of Health, so that we can follow their instructions.

At Mario’s, we are committed to doing what’s right to protect our Customers and Associates. 

We also salute those on the frontline who put their own health at risk for the welfare of us all. You are true heroes. We recognise that there are those who have been put on the breadline due to these unusual times and may be having difficulty in providing a meal for their families.  Mario’s is at the moment, continuing our efforts to help in all the communities in which we serve, as we have done in previous times of crisis.

Thank you to our loyal Customers for your continued confidence and trust in our people and our company.  Thank you to our Associates for their commitment at this critical time. Thank you to our heroes.

We are in this together and so long as we all act responsibly, we will get through this.

May God bless our Nation


Roger Harford
Managing Director