5 Ways to Boost Eating Out and Spend Less

Who doesn’t love eating out? It’s a great escape from another day at the office, or ‘adult time’ away from the kids. Throw in your favourite food and good company, and it’s the way most working folks enjoy spending their hard-earned money. It can get expensive though, so we’ve thought about it, and here are five solutions to reduce your restaurant bill.

Make it a three-way

It’s the simplest solution: share the bill! Invite your favourite friends and share a Family Lime for a filling and fun meal that will cost you 1/3 of the cost of dining alone. This way you can also eat out twice as much and get to unwind from your stressful day with great company.

Browse the “Specials” menu

All the deal-busters in one place on the menu. Mario’s thinks about discounts when combining menu items so you can save a lot by choosing a combo over a single item. Follow step one and get a few combo items with a friend so you get more variety for your buck.

Learn your Portions

At restaurants, you can save quite a bit by choosing the lunch option over the dinner plate, even when it’s way past noon. Here at Mario’s, you can enjoy your favourite slice in a bigger big way with our new Bigger Big Slice option! It’s a mouthful-plus and won’t break your bank, another reason to stop by for lunch AND after-hours too!

Make it a date

A lunch date, that is. Yup, let the office foot the bill as you unleash your creative juices at your favourite eatery. Need a solid argument for the boss? At Google HQ, employees are allowed to eat at their desks or one of the company’s many chef-catered cafeterias while they work.

Got change?

So this one may be more a budget-cincher than you expected but it works! Save your spare change in a container every chance you get and use it to buy yourself great meals without touching your budgeted finances. You’ll be surprised to know how much your change adds up and how easily it is to save this way as well!